Technical documentation


PACTM  is a specially developed kneepad which is used to provide comfort and relief during the SOUJOUD. It is made of a 2 mm thick Epithelium 29™  pad, which along with the Aeroshoes® disc, distributes the pressure on the knee. This unique material is mounted in a tube of polyamide elasthane and does not cause either friction or perspiration.

PACTM is hypoallergenic, not toxic, non irritating, washable and may be worn while performing one’s ablution


Handwash: with water and soap, avoid excessive brushing which could damage the kneepad.

Machine washable at 40°C: place the kneepad in the netbag provided.

Allow it to drip dry naturally, do not put in a dryer.

Warning: VERY IMPORTANT: Never use the kneepad over an open wound

PACTM is an innovative product based on French technology and has undergone extensive research and testing.